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Premiers of Shanghai Taxi and Brok-UND-uet

My past few performances have included U.S. and world premiers of two excellent new works, one dedicated to me by my friend and UND colleague Dr. Christopher Gable, and another written for the 2019 UND Trumpet Volunscary by my good friend and this year's guest artist Dr. Daniel Thrower of the United States Air Force Heartland of America Band Offutt Brass. The world premier of Shanghai Taxi by Chris Gable took place in Vale Veneto, Brazil at the 34th Festival de Inverno where I was and artist faculty, and the U.S. premier (video below) was at the UND Faculty Showcase a few weeks ago. Daniel Thrower's Brok-UND-uet (below) was premiered at the 2019 UND Trumpet Volunscary on October 21, 2019. I am lucky to have such wonderful friends and colleagues with whom I collaborate on projects throughout the year. Please take a look at these performances below:

Shanghai Taxi, by Christopher Gable

Brok-UND-uet, by Daniel Thrower

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