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This program is meant to pose the question “What Is Truth?” for the purpose of considering what it means in our time. It does not put forth a particular answer to the question, but does present the concept that we live in a “post-truth” culture. As a result we are pleased to present this concert in hopes that those who attend will consider the question more deeply, and ultimately, that it will contribute towards a positive and productive way to communicate with others.  Our goals are: 1) to promote deep thought on the nature of truth; 2) to examine how one’s current beliefs about truth are/are not accurate; and 3) to recognize how current beliefs about truth comport with the reality of the world around us.


If you would like for us to present this live program for your school, organization, or event, please click on the "contact me" button above and send a message with any questions you may have and we will respond immediately. Feel free to view the information below (trailer, performance demo, program,etc.) for more detailed information about the project. The musical presentation is not only suitable for university music departments and conferences, but is especially fitting for areas that deal with issues of ethics (law, medicine, psychology, etc.).

What Is Truth Demo (click video for description of project):

Live Performance Clip at University of North Texas:

Recent Performances:

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A Single Shot (25 Years): Prayers and Chants (from Breakaway)

David Sampson (©2004 David Sampson)


Exit the Foundry

Ben Hase (©2011 Potenza Music Publishing)

Floating Dreams

Peter Meechan (©2008/2013 Potenza Music Publishing)

Set Adrift (Part 1)

Thomas Kelly (©2015 Potenza Music Publishing)


Jacob TV (©2012 Jacob TV BUMA ASCAP)

Terminal Intelligence

Matthew Murchinson (©2017 Matthew Murchison)


Steven Bryant (©2011 Gorilla Salad Productions)

Close Fight

Jacob TV (©2015 Jacob TV BUMA ASCAP)


Mark Phillips (©1999 Warwick Music)

Set Adrift (Part 2)

Thomas Kelly (©2015 Potenza Music Publishing)


Kit Turnbull (©2002 Kit Turnbull)

Sinfonia No.5 BWV 791

J.S. Bach/Mike Hall (©2019 Cherry Classics Music)

What is Truth? (lyrics)

Johnny Cash )©1970 BMG Rights Management US, LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.)

Time for Truth: Living Free in a World of Lies, Hype and Spin (end text)

Os Guinness


Mike Hall and Ronnie Ingle (producers and music arrangers)

Carolina Conte and Carter Perry (videographers)

Nicholas Wakley, RAW Media Prodiction (editor)

Guilherme T. Tortolo Magrin (audio)

Marilyn F. Marloff and Megan M. Thompson (dance)

Royce Blackburn (trailer voiceover)

Johnny Cash (lyrics)

Os Guinness (end text)

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