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  • Ronnie Ingle

University of Arizona mini-residency

I had a great time working with the trumpet students from the University of Arizona on April 14-16 I conducted a clinic on proper warm-up procedure, and had a masterclass with several students preparing for orchestral auditions and recitals. I was especially happy to hang with Prof. Jason Carder, who is an outstanding trumpeter and teacher. If you haven't heard of him check out his recordings...they are stunning! It was also great to hang a bit with my former student, Cory Driscoll, who is now completing his doctoral degree at UA. The visit ended with the "Tucson Trumpet Hang" where we looked at vintage horns, visited with trumpeters in the area, and performed. Take a look at some pics from the event! Pictured below are members of the UA Trumpet Studio: Sara Ortega, Andrew Davidson, Prof. Jason Carder, Ronnie Ingle, Dominic Muller, Byron Ward, Cory Driscoll, and Morgana Ortiz.

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