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The UND Trumpet Studio's 8th Annual Trumpet Volunscary a huge success

The 8th annual Trumpet Volunscary presentation was massively successful, with great music, interesting guest artists, and audience appeal. The guest trumpet artists in residence this year were Jason Carder (University of Arizona, trumpeter for YANNI) and Bianne Border (Arizona State University, yoga instructor). Their masterclasses were outstanding, and totally transformative for my studio. Brianne held a masterclass on "Yoga for Musicians" and was attended by most of the instrumental music majors here at UND. Jason presented two masterclasses on "Improvisation for Classical Musicians" and "Playing Correctly in the Upper Register." Both guest artists taught individual private lessons to my students, most of which were attended by other trumpet students. The studio recital was especially successful, and was attended by 110 audience members and a multitude of live attendeed via Livestream from Sweden, Brazil, China, Canada, Michigan, California, Iowa, North Carolina, and Minnesota. The program contained pieces for trumpet ensemble, small ensemble, solos, guest artist performances, and UND faculty participation. We premiered our piece, Counter Counterpoint by Dean McNeill, commissioned by the UND Trumpet Studio for the 2017 National Trumpet Competition. I want to especially thank my colleagues for appearing on the program:

Dr. Nariaki Sugiura, piano

Prof. Michael Blake, marimba

Dr. Michael Wittgraf, computer

Prof. Keith Teepen, piano

Our program included:

Catacomb (Jason Dovel) - UND Trumpet Ensemble

Three Snapshots (Nicole Piunno) - Alaynee Van Ornum, Kyle Matthees, Mark Van Camp

Concerto, mvt. 1 Vif (Henri Tomasi) - Christiena Taralson; Matthew Sebald, piano

Sonata 3, mvt. 3 Lightly (John Prescott) - Michael Morrissey; Keith Teepen, piano

Concerto, mvt. 3 As before, but slightly more intense (Eric Morales) - Kyle Matthees; Matthew Lorenz, piano

Concerto for Cootie (Duke Ellington, arr. Ronnie Ingle) - UND Trumpet Ensemble; Mitch Geiger, drums; Ryan Brown, bass; Ronnie Ingle, soloist

Counter Counterpoint (Dean McNeill) - UND Trumpet Ensemble

Gold Digger (Michael Wittgraf) - Kyle Matthees, Michael Morrissey, Mark Van Camp, Evan Axel Ouderkirk; Michael Wittgraf, computer

Trumpet Studio Year in Review (A brief video montage of our accomplishments throughout the year)

Elegy in memoriam Gustav Mahler (Miroslaw Gasieniec) - Brianne Borden, Guest Trumpet Artist; Nariaki Sugiura, piano

Autumn Leaves (Joseph Kosma) - Jason Carderr, Guest Trumpet Artist; Mike Blake, marimba

Soar (Joshua Hobbs) - Jason Carder, Brianne Borden, Ronnie Ingle, Mark Van Camp, Christiena Taralson

Round in Seven Parts (Gordon Jacob) - UND Trumpet Ensemble

UND Trumpet Ensemble:

Maddie Ardelean

Flávio Boni

Kyle Matthees

Michael Morrissey

Evan Ouderkirk

Christiena Taralson

Mark Van Camp

Alaynee Van Ornum

Paul Murray (bass trumpet)


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