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The 2017 National Trumpet Competition Video Submissions

This past week my students submitted their recordings for the National Trumpet Competition, to be held March 2017 in Denver, CO. Four students submitted for the Undergraduate Solo Division and the UND Trumpet Ensemble submitted for the Large Trumpet Ensemble Division.

Members of the trumpet ensemble are (from left to right): Paul Murray, Evan Ouderkirk, Christiena Taralson, Maddie Ardelean, Michael Morrissey, Mark Van Camp, Alaynee Van Ornum, Kyle Matthees, and Alex Tally. Students submitting for the solo division are : Kyle Matthees, Alex Tally, Michael Morrissey, and Christiena Taralson. None of the solo submissions would have been possible without the incredible talent in the UND Piano Studio. Special thanks to Dr. Nariaki Sugiura and Prof. Keith Teepen, and to Mei-Chuan Lin, Matthew Sebald, and Matthew Lorenz!

Please click on the videos below to hear the their accomplishments and the incredible musicianship they have attained this semester!

The UND Trumpet Ensemble performing Counter Counterpoint, composed by Dean McNeill, commissioned by the University of North Dakota Trumpet Studio.


Christiena Taralson performing Concerto Pour Trompette et Orchestre, 1st Mvt., by Henri Tomasi. Matthew Sebald, piano.


Alex Tally performing Konzert No. 1 c-moll by Vladimir Peskin. Mei-Chuan Lin, piano.


Kyle Matthees performing Concerto for C Trumpet and Piano, 3rd mvt., by Erik Morales. Matthew Lorenz, piano.


Michael Morrissey performing Sonata 3, mvts. II and III, by John Prescott. Keith Teepen, piano.

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