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Sundsvall and Stockholm, Sweden Performances, Masterclasses, and Presentation

On October 25 to November 2 I was invited to Sweden where I performed several concerts, held masterclasses, and presented at a conference. The itinerary included:

1. Sundsvall, Sweden

a. Performance with Kenith Lundquist, piano, at Sundsvalls Kurturskola

b. Performance with Sundsvalls Paradorkester

c. Trumpet Masterclass at Sundsvalls Kurturskola

2. Stockholm, Sweden

a. Performance with Peter Martenssen, piano, at Alfred Nobels Campus Flemingsberg

b. Featured performance with RUM Honors Orchestra

c. Trumpet masterclass at RUM Swedish Teachers Conference

d. Presentation at RUM Swedish Teachers Conference (Using Emerging Technology in the Applied Studio)

Here are a few pics from the trip:


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